Sep 6, 2006

Blogger vs. Typepad vs. Wordpress

Been experimenting with blogging apps the past few days. I am not too happy with all the changes and bugs after Blogger upgraded to Beta

I even tried my .Mac iWeb Blog. Its limited, I can edit the code but i have too many blogs (personal/streaming videos for my online portfolio) on iWeb that it takes forever to publish on my high speed Comcastic internet. I hope Apple will look into that feature soon or maybe I need to spend some time on it. The drawbackis the long url.

About Blogger
- its Free
- I do like Blogger but since they upgraded(?) up to Beta I have to figure out XML ... i am just getting a hang of CSS)
- It will be worth it to stay and learn the grunt behind the blog ... I like the free/ control factor

So back to Typepad:
- The address is cool:
- I can import all my blog entries (But it did away with my headers and imported each each entry more than once)
- I have to pay for something I can have free on Blogger
- I do get 30 days trial + two months free for paying annually on Typepad
- Its great for hassle free, quick updates to your blog
- Nice templates but in order to custmize your CSS you have to pay more

and finally Wordpress:
- I get my own
- Its free, but if you want to customize CSS you better pay up
- Not sure if I can import all my entries
- I do like the muscle and features of Wordpress

While Blogger:
- Its got everything but still hiccups with Beta
- Firefox won't display graphics but Camino is working now


- stay home at Blogger(I downgraded from Beta, in order to retain my customized CSS features and worry about XML and upgrading in a few weeks)
- I will personalize the template, eventually and get on to sharing fun stuff (which I wanted to when all things went loco)

Photo Via: Thomas Hawk


Augastin Francis said...

Do give a look.

Also which talks about blogger vs wordpress. Blogger is going to die soon.


Ivar Brekke said...

Hi, nice post. I tried blogger and iWeb myself, you can read about it in my blog: