Nov 29, 2006


This post was going to about iLike which I have been using for about a month off and on. Its a social networking music service from Garageband. Walt Mossberg gave it a thumbs up last. iLike is free add on for iTunes and you can easliy download free mp3's and share musical tastes with likeminded.

But along came Musicovery via Russell's blog and now I am torn and hooked. Its visually more intriguing than Blogmusik. Musicovery is a webRadio and lets you choose a genre, and a mood within that genre. It then shows you a path of music it plans to take you on, and you can choose to skip ahead or back or make more connections between paths. Pretty fun way to present it. Musicovery does remind me of liveplasma and my other favorite online music player pandora.

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