Oct 28, 2006

Problem Solving

Flipping through the October Creativity magazine (subscription required) I came across James Dyson: Anatomy of a creative brand builder. Not just synonymous with the Dyson brand but also holds true for all creative problem solvers ... you have to have the balls, heart, head and vision in tandem. Click on image for larger view.

"I just want things to work properly"
That's the quote made famous by James Dyson and heard on all the commercials which used to feature the creator.

The prominent daredevil yellow "bagless" Dyson vacuum cleaner evolved 5172 prototypes later. That is a remarkable story of the resilient James Dyson who disdained bags and went to solve the dusty clogged problem. His perseverance and love for design has now made him the 37th riches man in UK with a commanding 38% of the British vacuum cleaner market.

I was asked back in 2004 what I thought of the Dyson ad campaign; me being a design lover acclaimed they were good, the designer's presence reaffirms its a fabulous creation but it appears to be for a niche, affluent audience and not the mass household market who will base their choice over price. Yet, I loved the brand, the story and some day when I have the extra $500 for a vacuum cleaner, I will probably buy it. I recall being at Target during the debut of Dyson but my budget allowed an average Eureka to bring home and settled for walking at the low end of the aisle - nothing fancy just another cleaning product but left lusting for the marigold yellow Dyson.

Today, you can find a Dyson exhibited at museums like, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Grand Central Station, New York (UK in NY Exhibition), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (A Century of Design Exhibition),Science Museum, London, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Pompidou Centre, Paris and the Design Museum, Zurich.

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