Aug 9, 2006

Viacom ventures into Web 2.0

The king of viral, YouTube
has been snatching eyeballs from traditional TV channels. Mushrooming from 58,000 to over 20 million viewers within seven months. Troublemakers on the major network TV block. Undeniably online video sharing sites and broadband channel alternatives like,,Google Video and the likes are serving programmes either the networks cancelled, rejetced or purely consumer generated.

Earlier this year NBC was upset when Saturday Night Live videos showed up on YouTube and then later recognized the potential, offered to have its own presence on YouTube while offering paid downloads via iTunes and its own website.

Today Viacom snatched up a stake within the online video market Viacom and announced that they will be acquiring Atom Etertainment for a $200 million.

"This acquisition is in line with our business strategy of being a leader in the digital space and connecting with consumers on every platform and device they use," McGrath said in an interview.

Yet Atom (Films) as I always knew it, is no web 2.0 and a bit mid 1990's. While Viacom adds to its portfolio CBS addes their innertube serving programming for teens and young adults and are still figuring out what viral videos are all about (sort of) ...

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