Jul 25, 2006

Rail Nut

My friend Samit is a bit too obsessed with the Indian Railways and is constantly creating maps and stuff for the Indian Rail. Its a well known fact that in India trains are akin to what planes are to the West. The best way to experience India is to travel by trains ... yes its slow but its the best to discover the people, culture and understand the infrastucture.

He has a lot of fun facts and probably knows the schedules by heart. I am encouraging him to start blogging about his passion. (soon then Samit?)

If your travels take you to the East do carry this atlas that he created. This particular one is my favorite.
As a kid, every year we boarded the train to go from Calcutta to New Delhi and then further up North to Chandigarh. Train criss cross the heartland and take you to a lot of places and it was great to spend sometime with the family and make new friends. For some odd reason I did find myself reminiscing on Youtube and bookmarked this video ... I have a few I shot during my last visit which I shall uplaod someday ...but this one caputures the sunrise from the train.

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