Jul 9, 2006

Birthdays in the electronic era

E-cards and discount coupons filled my e-mail and snail mail box! Ofcourse the e-cards were from friends and some very creative online hosting sites. Interesting to note is that most discount coupons came in from brick and mortar stores, a handful online sites remembered. Honestly, most are going to sit around and expire before I even remember to redeem them but the essential stuff always get used. I always look forward to this part of the month, to redeem my birthday points! Something grand for growing old.

Yet for a brand its a great opportunity to connect with its consumer and show their softer side. I do thank everyone who remembered and thanks for the gifts - I shall just return the gratitude by shopping there more often ... isn't that the point?

As much as the consumer in me looks forward to these annual discounts a part of me does miss those traditional birthday cards. My parents always sent in a handful of beautiful Hallmark cards with lots of stamps from India but this year I exposed them to the e-world. They too switched to the economical e-card format.

Its convinient and quick an dhonestly no waste - no complaints - just thanks!

9 J U L

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