Jun 4, 2006

Podcast vs. Blogs

Thanks to RSS we blogheads and podheads can satiate our hunger for intstant information.Out of curiosity, I looked into a comparison chart by Google Trends. Podcasts are catching up rapidly burgeoning. It remains to be seen who wins, but I have different uses for both when I am indoors I rely on my RSS aggregator, Vienna and when I commute or just wandering outdoors I prefer my podcasts all ready and preloaded on my iPod.

Yet there are many out there who find difficult to consume this medium. Some argue on what to call it. According to Here 2.0 only 30% of Americans have heard of podacsting and that a mere 5% download them. And he suggests its probably in the "naming" and that names matter.

Its like the American sidewalk vs. the Indian way of saying footpath. As Seth Godin eloquently points out in a rebuttal.

SO, my take Podcast sounds imaginative and an audiomag sounds insipid.

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