Jun 30, 2006

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

I worked on a project at school, last Fall ... to build awareness for Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey.... and ofcourse my research had me enamoured .... so on a whim .... I put together a Johnnie Walker Flickr Pool, take a look of how its evolving .... the idea ofcourse was to do a post project visual anthropology study on Flickr ... theres a lot more there but people take a while to join the group .... but the journey has been fun! I will try and post my project in a bit .... and yes the Blue Label is by far and undeniably one of the finest blends but not that affordable on the wallet .... so my other and may be most favorite is the Gold Label ... enjoyed best ... frozen .... hope next time you are in a mood for whiskey .... just say cheers to a Gold, Blue or maybe even the Green label from Johnnie Walker.

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