May 19, 2006

Apple Temple in the Big Apple

Lourve has a Glass Pyramid and the delicious new Apple Store has a Glass Cube.

Located on 5th Avenue, the store will be unveiled today at 6 PM EDT by Steve Jobs. It will remain open 24 hrs. for all 365 days. A temple for all Mac and tech worshippers alike. Located underground it is marked by a 32-foot street-level glass cube with a suspended glowing Apple logo... a la .... moon.

Accroding to the WSJ (Subscription) the revenue from the Apple stores was $2.35 billion in fiscal 2005 that is 17% of Apple's total sales. The stores are a huge success for Apple. The offline experience of interacting with Apple products and the magnetic destination for all things creative, lectures, demos and the Genius Bar ... what a simple design and creative space.

Simply marvellous. Now I only wish I could be there.

Photo Via: GigaOm

More views at CNET and more on Flickr

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