Jul 27, 2005

Creative Mojo

Left Brainers now live in the East while the West, i.e., the UsofA ... can lead the creative economy. The knowledge economy is seeing a pardigm shift .... As usual the companies in the US can be the vanguards of change. This article in the current BusinessWeek just re-iterates the fact people have known yet never acknowleged. But on the other hand how are these companies doing it?

They cannnot rely on advertsing alone to differentaite their product but change themselves from within.
Bring on the Creaive mojo to usher innovation.

Only through innovation can they differentiate and not rely too much make up to look pretty. Think Apple ... think Swiffer.

Today, storytelling, creativity, design and business all go hand in hand. For compainies to succeed design strategy has to be complmented with fresh business ideas ... the pay offs can be enormous.

Steve Jobs has been steadfast in his beliefs on design and been the face for innovators. What he does next is what keeps people interested. its a simple theory ... apple users are renegades ...they go againstthe PC tide ... they celebrate people who aren't followers, who think different and change the world .. thus the logo .. a bite taken out o fthe apple ... the first act of rebellion in the Garden of Eden ...

When the Apple store opened in San Francisco a year ago .... a fews days prior to the opening my friend and i were walking by the boarded upstructure and he remarked ... " no way can they open so soon .. look at it ... its all bare " ... well that barebones simplicity has been at odds with your clutterred uninspiring spaces.... and the result has been a serene and exciting retail environment which serves as a store / display and in house customer support / free seminars and at times the crazy ones flock in for a product release and explore ... to m ethe tables remind me of an inn and it states ... you don't need too much glitter let the product do the selling ....

so here is to the crazy ones. ... because the crazy ones push the world forward ...



Kunal Ghevaria said...

Daniel Pink, a Wired Magazine contributor, and former speech writer for Al Gore, agrees.

The distillation of his talk is simply that we, as Americans, are on the cusp of another great shift in our economy. We had once shifted from an agrarian society to industrial. We then shifted from an industrial society to an information society. Now, as we’re outsourcing even traditionally white-collar industries overseas, we’re shifting from an information society full of analytical ‘knowledge workers’ to a creative society, where the true leaders in business will be those that embrace the right side of their mind more so than the left.

An example Pink provided was that of Target’s toilet brush designed by Michael Graves. We’re now in a society where simply selling utility isn’t enough. To do that is to just commoditize your product/service. We now need to sell the psychological. The aesthetic. The spiritual.

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Tom said...

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